jonatha brooke - how deep is your love? 

karen was playing some gillian welch for me recently and i was reminded of this jonatha brooke album, which at the time i would listen to over and over (and over). this was always the song that stood out for me - the swoopy motif in the guitar and her voice, the awesome piano section in the bridge (at 2:00), the fact that there’s a version where she sings the whole thing in french. great track.


Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away 

"i know you know i know" - and i’d forgotten that she dressed like gwen stefani in this video, which is even awesomer because she doesn’t have the stefani flat belly. 


George Michael - Freedom! ‘90 

fantastic song - both of the bridges are amazing, with more melody in them than you usually get in a whole song by someone who is not george michael. always makes me sing along even though i am not linda evangelista, or naomi campbell, or christy turlington, or…


Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart ft. Ludacris

all i want is a summer song as good as this one. the stutter in the chorus, the luda verse, the harmonies - i cannot get enough of this. i wanted “till i’m gone" to do it, but it’s just not the same. let’s go, UK. get it together!

Lush - Light from a Dead Star

today in “songs that i used to listen to so much that they were a part of me that i’d forgotten about until itunes shuffle served them up,” i present this atypically slow and morose song by lush, which is still, well, lushly layered and dense. 

i put this on a mix once in between broken social scene’s “anthem for a 17 year old girl" and radiohead’s "high and dry" and it was magnificent.